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Wherever you are in the UK, you can benefit from telephone hypnotherapy, often at short notice, and just sit back and wait for us to ring you at the agreed time. There are many examples of situations where telephone therapy can be the only suitable method for you to secure help, and in most situations, telephone hypnotherapy can be every bit as effective as 'face to face' therapy, and certainly more affordable and convenient. Best of all, this is a national telephone therapy service, and so can be accessed wherever you are in the UK.

"I'm asked 'is telephone hypnotherapy safe?' to which I reply that, given the absolute safety of hypnosis, then the fact that you no longer need negotiate any busy roads on the way to see me must mean that telephone hypnotherapy is even safer than face to face therapy....

.....I'm then asked, 'is it as effective as face to face therapy?' to which I reply that, the brain is wonderfully adaptable, and any perceived loss of input through inability to see each other is not only adequately compensated, through hearing and perception, but is in many ways a benefit, in the removal of some unwelcome distractions that sight causes..."

Alan Wick, 2010

Benefits of telephone hypnotherapy...

  • You decide the time and day, and telephone hypnotherapy can be well outside of office hours (see below), including weekends, and you could be anywhere in the UK. This could be just what you need if you work long hours, or shift systems that don't fit comfortably alongside office hours. Telephone hypnotherapy fits to your schedule.

  • Stay in the comfort of your home, and if you need telephone therapy to help you sleep, at bedtime, where could be better? Sometimes home is a difficult place to leave when things become really problematical, and telephone hypnotherapy may be your only viable option. Maybe you're just 'up to your eyes' and by the time everybody's fed, and the kids are tucked up, there is simply no other way of getting to speak to a therapist, without using telephone hypnotherapy. Possibly you're unsure of hypnotherapy, and feel safer on your own 'patch'.

  • Book at short notice, which means no struggling with calendars. If the opportunity arises, and you're looking for a boost, or your ongoing therapy is due it's next session, you can pick up the phone, or e mail (once registered), from anywhere in the UK, and have confirmation of your telephone hypnotherapy session (or a suggestion for an alternative time) within the hour, and often a lot sooner.

  • Fit your telephone hypnotherapy in, wherever you are. You could ring while you're enjoying a sunny day in the park, from your holiday, arrange for us to ring when you're at work, during a break, before an interview, before that public speaking event, before the big match when your performance really matters, or just from your bed, when you're ready to go to sleep, and just need a gentle 'nudge' over the edge. Quite literally anywhere in the UK, where you have access to a phone and a hands free set or compatible handset headphones.

  • Pay less than you would for 'face to face' therapy. There is no need to arrange and pay for a room, and no need for a therapist to travel to that room, so telephone hypnotherapy reduces overheads significantly. We can pass that reduction on to you, and of course, you also avoid travelling costs, childminding costs, etc. yourself. 

  • Save even more money by block booking sessions of telephone hypnotherapy in advance (see 'How Much Is It?'), and this way you'll be sure that nobody else will have booked your most convenient time slot.

  • Complement your usual 'face to face' therapy. When an appointment is just not achievable, and you still want to keep up momentum (especially in the early few weeks), you may find that telephone therapy provides the answer. There are very few circumstances in which the occasional telephone therapy session could not easily slot into your 'face to face' sessions, and you can be anywhere in the UK.

  • Be discreet. Whilst the highest standards of confidentiality are maintained at Positive Hypnotherapy's clinics, for some people, just the possibility of being seen entering a hypnotherapy clinic could be sufficient to be off-putting. Where your privacy is vital to you, telephone therapy provides the solution.

  • Dip in and out, or commit to a course of treatment, whatever is most appropriate to your circumstances, telephone therapy can fit your needs, and you'll decide what feels most appropriate to you.

  • Overcome mobility problems with telephone hypnotherapy. When getting to therapy could be a huge, time consuming demand, telephone hypnotherapy nicely gets round that problem for you. 

  • Hear easily. If you experience partial hearing loss, because in telephone hypnotherapy you are able to use headphones, you can exclude surrounding noise, and enhance the clarity of the therapist's voice.

How does it work?

  • Registration - Ring Positive Hypnotherapy on 01244 458676 for FREE REGISTRATION. All the information needed is your name, postal address (to send receipts, if required), e mail address and the number/s you will want to be called on. We can discuss your reasons for using the telephone therapy service, but without prying or upsetting you. You may also wish to make an appointment at this stage, and that's fine..

  • Making Appointments - Either ring on 01244 458676, or e mail at positivehypnotherapy@yahoo.co.uk , between 8.00am and 10.00pm, with your preferred time and date (see guidelines below), and depending on the method you've chosen you should receive confirmation (or alternative/s) within the hour (subject to what time of day you've requested your session).

  • Appointment Times - Sessions are available on the half hour, every half hour, between 9.30am, and 11.00pm daily. Weekends and evenings are busy and attract a premium rate. More time specific appointments can be arranged by phoning.

  • Appointment Types - There are 'Shorties' which are not therapy, more a boost, or a wind down, depending on your need. These last around 20 minutes, inc payment, and the minimum of preamble. You may have established your requirements previously and require only brief preamble before enjoying a long relaxing 30 minute 'One Off' session, eg, for insomnia, when you'd like a call to talk you down into sleep, or when you'd like to come down from a stressful day at work. Finally there is the 'Therapeutic' session where we include waking therapeutic work, before moving on to the hypnosis, if we even do, depending on the stage you're at, which is the sort of session you'd be booking if you were engaging in therapy 'proper', and would last around 40/45 minutes.

  • Your session - At the agreed time, and on the number supplied, your therapist will ring you (NB, there will be no caller ID, and you should check your settings to accept calls on this basis for our call back). You should ensure that you have arranged a time of day, and a place, where you are likely to remain undisturbed, and can fully relax. It is not practical to use speaker phones, or to hold the phone to your ear, so you really should find a set of headphones compatible with your handset (if it's your mobile, look in the original box, often ‘hands free’ sets get forgotten and gather dust, and most mobile phones are supplied with them). The session will be consistent with what you have requested. The Positive Hypnotherapy models of working described on this site will still be carried out, in a more succinct, but nevertheless effective manner. NB-you should never attempt to engage in therapy whilst driving or doing anything that requires your direct attention. If the therapist suspects you are in charge of a vehicle, they will discontinue the call.

  • Payment - Payment is made by debit/credit card, either at the start of the call, or can be made in advance at registration, or at any other point of contact. Reasonable time is allowed within the call to allow for the payment process. Anybody making an appointment, and not being present when the therapist calls, is unlikely to have their bookings accepted in future, unless payment is made for the missed appointment. 



Is it safe to be hypnotised without the hypnotist present?
Yes, if you read the main FAQs you will see that hypnosis is a collaborative, or co-operative, process, which leaves you in the driving seat, however those stage shows may make it appear. We could get cut off, and you would simply surface in your own time, or fall asleep (you may already be asleep, so if yours is not an insomnia call, and you need to be up and about, it may be worth setting the alarm on your phone!).

Can this method be used for some of the serious problems people use face to face therapy for, like depression?
If a client seems likely to be more comfortable engaging in telephone therapy, then there is no harm in going ahead. In an ideal world, all clients would attend face to face therapy, but in an ideal world, people aren't scared to go out, people can afford full price face to face therapy, and of course they live just around the corner from their therapist! As this isn't an ideal world, we work with what we've got, and there's no doubt that telephone hypnotherapy can be, and is, properly effective as an intervention for most people.

Do you charge if we get cut off?
Everything possible will be done to re-establish the connection if the phone is cut off. In practice this is a rare event, and if the connection cannot be re-established, then the session will be honoured at a later, mutually convenient date. Fees would not be refunded under these circumstances.

Do you mind ringing my mobile?
No, that's fine. We have an unlimited minutes contract, to all UK based numbers. Please don't make a booking, using your mobile, for times when you know that you are going to be abroad.

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"Alan had quite clearly seen the enormous progress I had made over the time and he was the one who first suggested tailing it off and bring it to a close."

"Made it safe and sound (Ibiza) No problems. Having a great time. Thanks for your help and best wishes."

"I had spent several months worrying over my wedding speech. However, after my first visit with Alan I felt much calmer"

"I was more than happy with my treatment."

"My weight loss contributed immensely to my wedding day as every bride wants to look her best on her special day."





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