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Please find below some testimonails from happy clients:

In 2009 Alan had a call from a journalist called David Lawson, who was experiencing a fear of heights when pursuing his passion for hiking in the mountains of North Wales. He had experienced a moment in which he ‘froze’ on a challenging hike on Crib Goch, and decided to seek help.

I was delighted to assist, and the 2 videos below are David’s fascinating diary accounts of his treatment, and then his subsequent attempt on the ‘pinnacles’ of Crib Goch, followed by a link back to his original article and website. What video ‘2’ doesn’t show you, is that on his way up, David met an Army team descending Crib Goch, having abandoned their effort due to poor weather conditions!...watch on. 


Visit the original article here...

CA - Chester - Alcohol moderation - Solution: Others

The process was very helpful and not at all what I had expected. It was helpful from session number one, and remains relevant to me today.

Alan's open approach, listening and not dictating an outcome, helped me to focus on what I wanted from my therapy.

I feel in a better frame of mind following the sessions and if time and money were no object I would have 'top up' sessions as these would, I am sure, help me in the future. 

HN - Wrexham - Anxious Driver - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

I was very nervous of driving. I had not driven in years although I passed my test years ago. I needed to start driving again to and from work and was hoping that hypnotherapy might be able to help me get over my fear, or at least help me manage it, to enable me to get behind the wheel.

With Alan's help I was able to start driving again with a driving instructor, which was an important first step on my journey. I can now drive solo and ..... this is much better than I was before. 

Fear of Needles - Wrexham - Solution: Phobias

"I wouldn't describe the outcome of the therapy as something that completely cured me, however it enabled me to have the blood test that was necessary and enabled me to 'cope' getting through this - which is exactly what was explained to me before we started.

If I hadn't had the therapy I would never even have gone into the surgery!!

I will return for further therapy when the time comes that I have to go through 'needles' again!!......."


Open spaces / Driving anxiety - Wrexham - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"I found the therapy very helpful indeed. I was at a point where I was not improving and losing confidence. The therapy allowed me to gain confidence and with that came a different mentality. It wasn't easy, to coin a phrase, 'no silver bullet' involved. However, armed with the build up of therapeutic assistance it gave me the resources needed to make the impossible possible.

I remember in particular the use of the words 'I can and I will', which have left a telling mark on my attitude and thinking when faced with a problem area that was so difficult for me in the past.

Prior to my therapy, the problems had been with mefor over 20 years. It was debilitating and curtailed my quality of life, but I never let it get me down, in the hope that there was an answer somewhere, and there was.

It doesn't go away completely, I didn't expect that it would, but what a difference the therapy has made. I am thrilled at the outcome, in fact, a different person.

Thank you, I would receommend you without reserve."



(Thank you, AW) 

Insomnia - Wrexham - Solution: Insomnia

"I have found the sessions and the CD very beneficial and has greatly improved my quality of sleep and in turn, my quality of life. I have been able to use what I have gained from the sessions in a mindful way."


Insomnia - Chester - Solution: Insomnia

"Alan was brilliant and I really did benefit from seeing him".............."It was the best therapy I have had and I really felt refreshed afterwards, and ready to face my demons (so to speak) and I really did feel like it was going somewhere."


(this client was unable to continue for personal reasons unrelated to the therapy, which is why it sounds a little like things didn't reach a conclusion, because they didn't - AW)


Stop Smoking - Wrexham - Solution: Stop Smoking

"Tried hypnosis 5 times before, without success with various Hypnotherapists. Mr Wick was brilliant and I haven't smoked since....."

I will definitely be recommending him to friends and family."


Fear of Flying - Wrexham - Solution: Phobias

"The strategies employed from the Hypnotherapy enabled me to do something I didn't think I'd be able to again.

I was able to use the techniques, and plan to use them again on my next planned holiday later in the year."



Anxiety/Insomnia/Fear of Flying - Chester - Solution: Phobias

"I found the treatment for both my anxiety and fear of flying to be very helpful.

My sleep improved enormously and although my fear of flying hasn't completely gone yet, I was much better when I flew in ............. . I found I was a lot calmer on both flights and even almost enjoyed them!

I would definitely recommend Positive Hypnotherapy to anyone who needs/wants help with anything.

Thank you Alan for helping me."


(sometimes people expect a magic wand in respect of fear of flying, and of course some get it, but for others it becomes a case of coping with the first flight, which is where we develop the confidence to deal with the next flight, and the next, and the next, until the fear is a memory, and this account very nicely illusrates that process. Well done GK!) 

Wrexham - Anxiety - Panic Attacks - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"I'd definitely recommend Alan Wick to other people. I enjoyed seeing him, he is very calming."


Depression - Wrexham - Solution: Depression

"Alan helped me no end. I think the combination of .....(other treatments)......and Hypnotherapy worked perfectly for me to find a stable footing.

The work Alan did has also been with me going forward. I can recall our discussion and use his recordings when I feel I need them.

I would highly recommend Hypnotherapy to family and friends."


Physical Symptomology of Anxiety - Wrexham - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"I was absolutely thrilled by the outcome, and experienced additional benefits such as better sleep and a more relaxed approach to challenges such as my ....... work.

It is great to have the opportunity to say thank you to you - I have kept on meaning to write a Thank You card!!

The CD was really useful and I still listen to it if I feel a bit stressed at night.

I have told many people about how you helped me, and passed on details of ........... to a few people.

Thanks again, .................."



Irritabl Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - Wrexham - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"I found the Hypnotherapy really helped me. Before I started going to Hypnotherapy I was struggling and my problems were beginning to control my social life in particular.

By going to Hypnotherapy, I was given techniques to help with controlling the IBS along with being able to think more positively, and not blame myself for my problems.

My IBS is now much more under control and I am still putting some of the techniques into place, such as deep breathing and listening to my CD.

Thak you for your help, Alan!"



Exam Confidence - Chester - Solution: Performance

"I experienced a difficult exam, but remained grounded and passed."



Weight Loss - Oswestry - Solution: Weight Loss

"I personally found Alan Wick very supportive and understanding in helping me to reach my goal of weight loss, in preparation for my wedding. I would recommend him to my friends and colleagues."


Weight Loss/Insomnia - Oswestry - Solution: Weight Loss

"Alan made me feel really comfortable. I would recommend Alan's service. I found other benefits from Hypnotherapy, as well as weight loss. I felt more relaxed and slept better."


Insomnia - Chester - Solution: Insomnia

"Alan, thank you for your help, it is going well and we are ....... pleased with the result, and also thank you for the ......... help."


PT, Wrexham, Depression - Solution: Depression

Dear Alan, I just wanted to send you a message to thank you for everything and to wish you and your family a merry christmas.
Thanks to you, I'm really on the road to recovery. I'm loving working as a ..........., which I was in the process of setting up when we stopped our sessions and I'm now feeling so well that I've started up a new venture of ...............
Thank you for restoring the confidence in myself
love & best wishes................


- Solution: Weight Loss

Amazon Review - Lose Weight 5* Audio CD - by 'CDD1234'

"I knew hypnotherapy from sucessfully using hypnobirthing techniques for the birth of my second child, so I tried this CD when I wanted to lose weight after the birth. I found it really useful. Alan Wick has a good voice and the suggestions are very effective. I tried to listen to the CD almost every day, that made it really effective. I used it again after the birth of my third child and once again it really helped me get back into shape. In fact what I liked best is that the suggestions are really empowering to make any kind of positive life change, not just to lose weight. So I try to carry on listening regularly. I can really recommend the CD to anyone wishing to improve their diet, lose weight and make other positive changes to their life - not just new mums."

- Solution: Insomnia

Amazon Review - Simply Sleep - MP3 download - by 'Ryme Intrinseca'

"This really is a superb recording. As long as you believe it can work and are able to relax and go with it, it does wonders. If you fight against it or are strongly sceptical, it won't have the same effect.

I've had trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember. I downloaded this a while ago, and have listened to it most nights. The first time I heard it through to the end, but on each subsequent listening I've actually fallen asleep. It also makes me feel wonderfully relaxed - definitely worth every penny."

- Solution: Insomnia

Amazon Review - Simply Sleep - Audio CD - By Peter

"I have suffered insomnia for some time now and thought I would give this a try. Before I purchased this cd I used to be awake most of the night, and would end up going downstairs to make a cup of camomile tea in the hope that it would send me to sleep.

Since listening to the tape my sleeping has certainly improved and I haven't found the need to make cups of tea in the middle of the night.

I would certainly recommend this cd to fellow sufferers."

Amazon review - Simply Sleep 5* - Solution: Insomnia

Simply Sleep - Embrace Sleep, Leave Insomnia Behind (Audio CD) - By Dee

"I first used this CD when I came out of hospital after four months. Having been very ill and not really having slept properly for the whole time I was in (being very ill, noisy wards etc)I found it impossible to sleep when I got home. After months of imagining a good nights sleep in my own bed I found that it completely eluded me. I have to admit I was sceptical about whether this method would work but after a month I was willing to try anything!

From the first night I tried Simply Sleep I have had deep, dreamless sleep whenever I use it. Not only did Alan sort out the initial acute problem but I've returned to the CD again and again and it always works. It even worked when I ended up back in hospital for a fortnight, if Simply Sleep can manage to make me sleep on a busy surgical ward it can manage it anywhere.

Thoroughly recommended!"

CM - Chester Clinic - Public Speaking - Solution: Performance

"Hi Alan, just a short e mail to let you know how things went at ...........'s wedding.

Apart from a minor slip up with the prompting cards at the beginning of the speech, I was told that it was well received. In fact a number of guests came up to me afterwards and said what a great speech it was, and some even said it was the best Father of the Bride speech they had heard!

The ........... went down a 'storm' and ......... and .......... (bride and groom) were in stitches along with the rest of the guests.

Thanks for all your help."

RJ - Nantwich Clinic - Travel sickness - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"Dear Alan, just a short note to say a big thank you for all that you have done for me.

We have just returned from our cruise. I used/listened to your track on my iPod each night, and was well throughout. This despite force 7 and force 10 periods of weather. It was not comfortable, but I was well throughout.

I know that this will not come as a surprise to you, but it was a new experience for me, for which I want to thank you."

BK - Wrexham Clinic - Stop Smoking - Solution: Stop Smoking

"Hi Alan, not sure if you remember me. I came to see you in .......... This is a quick note to thank you. Still going strong. It's been 5 months now and I'm feeling fantastic and it's all down to you, so thanks again."

(it's all down to you)

HS - Wrexham Clinic - Weight Loss - Solution: Weight Loss

"Just thought I would take some time to say how grateful I am to you in helping me to achieve my goal weight in time for my wedding. One of the best things I did last year was pick up the phone and make an appointment with you. I enjoyed every meeting and seen results.

My weight loss contributed immensely to my wedding day as every bride wants to look her best on her special day.

Confidence came with my new look and compliments came in abundance, not only from my new husband ....... but from all my family and friends.

Keep up the good work."

PT - Wrexham Clinic - Fear of Driving - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"Thanks for all your help earlier this year, it has made a great difference."

AS - Nantwich Clinic - Fear of Flying - Solution: Phobias

"Having a wonderful time in Mallorca. I got on the plane (unfortunately with a little help from G&T). Weather is hot, spent every day on the beach so far, I hear it's raining back home?! In more exciting news ........ asked me to marry him ........

I'm very glad I got on that plane! Thank you for all your help, you're a star!

PS, booking a flight to .......... as soon as I get home!" 

CA - Chester Clinic - Anxiety - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"....meeting you has changed my life. I shall never forget you. My health is so much better, my thinking more positive and I'm able to............again. 

Wishing you all the best, and thank you once again, it's great to know that if ever I need help you are there." 

JJ - Nantwich Clinic - Fear of Flying - Solution: Phobias

"Made it safe and sound (Ibiza). No problems. Having a great time. Thanks for your help and best wishes." 

BJ - Wrexham Clinic - Stop Smoking - Solution: Stop Smoking

"Just to say a big thank you for the treatment you gave me in order to stop smoking.

I can honestly say that since I walked out of your premises 2 weeks ago I haven't smoked, craved or let alone needed a cigarette! Something I thought was impossible without patches or chewing gum. Anyway, keep up the good work, many thanks again."

JL - Wrexham Clinic - Stop Smoking - Solution: Stop Smoking

"I had hypnotherapy to give up smoking - it worked! I found it very enjoyable and helpful and it was very effective - have not smoked at all since my visit 13 months ago - many thanks."

(Client's emphases, kind to remember, after all that time!))

'Mungo' - Amazon.co.uk - Audio CD review - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

For - 'Simplicity' 5* - "Having tried similar relaxation recordings before I was a little sceptical in trying any more; it's not that I'm not open to alternative therapies, more about not finding something suitable I guess. Anyway, this CD provides the right balance of gentle music (no pan pipes here!), positive affirmation, and other relaxation techniques, coupled with the author's voice ensures you are able to fully relax and take advantage of what relaxing properly can bring you. I've used this every day for the past week or more and am able to relax within a few minutes; great after a stressful day at work!"

Angela Speck - Amazon.co.uk - Audio CD - Solution: Insomnia

For 'Simply Sleep' 4* - "Having struggled with intermittent insomnia over the past few months, and reluctant to take prescription medication, I've tried several alternative and/or natural remedies. This sleep hypnosis CD is a useful tool in the arsenal, and definitely encourages deep relaxation, and facilitates dropping off more quickly. My partner (who doesn't have a sleeping problem) was literally out within the first few minutes, although I listened to most of the guided meditation with full awareness. I don't think you're going to instantly fall asleep if you're really struggling, but listening to the soothing voice undoubtedly aided my sleep. I'd definitely recommend giving it a chance! A brief PS,  don't let the cutesy cat on the cover put you off. Not my idea of a good marketting idea, but the product itself is good."

(Angela perfectly describes the early stages of a growing association between the CD and falling asleep. I'm confident this will have strengthened if she continued to listen.....lay off the cat though!)  

PC - Nantwich - Anxiety/ low self esteem - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"Thanks Alan!

I contacted Alan at a difficult time in my life. I could not stop thinking negative thoughts and it was making me feel so worthless, weak and like I didn't belong. Through many sessions with Alan I started to relax when I listened to his voice and just lose myself from all the bad thoughts and stress they were causing me.

Alan is very approachable, calming and understanding, and non judgemental. You feel like you have known him years and can tell him anything and he will listen.

I would recommend him to everybody and have already done so. His work is a gift and he shares it with you. I started to believe in myself again and felt I deserved to be happy. I have come a long way and I wasn't giving up.

If I won the lottery tomorrow I would book him every week." 

WK - Chester Clinic - Weight Loss - Solution: Weight Loss

"I was treated with respect and would absolutely recommend Alan."

GR - Chester Clinic - Insomnia - Solution: Insomnia

"I found the experience very beneficiall initially. Gradually my sleeping pattern got worse, but when I listen to your tape again it improves."

(this was a client who had experienced serious insomnia all of their adult life, some 30 years+, and who made the most remarkable improvements in clinic. If she were to come back today, I would keep it simple and advise that they don't stop listening to the CD...easy!)

CT - Chester Clinic - Behavioural Modification - Solution: Others

"I think I just expected to be 'fixed' and was prepared to try it to see if that was the case. I would have liked to pursue it further if just from a counselling point of view, but couldn't afford at the time.

I would certainly recommend Alan, and return in future if needed..."

GJ - Chester Clinic - Anxiety - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"I was enormously impressed by Alan's approach. He inspired confidence and was very easy to talk to so that the sessions were relaxed and effective. I felt that he structured the sessions very well in the analytical aspects (client's perception) and the actual hypnotherapy/relaxation exercises.

I'm grateful that he took the trouble to empathise and tailor the treatment to my particular circumstances at the time.

All in all I feel that I'd certainly recommend the sessions to others and would like to thank Alan for his help."

Mr D T Mason - Amazon.co.uk - Audio CD - Solution: Weight Loss

For; Lose Weight 5* - "I got a copy of this CD in November and have lost weight through the Christmas festivities! I have tried various diets, weight loss programmes, but this worked for me. Just pop it in the CD at bedtime and listen to the soothing words and music and it has definitely helped me to cut down on my food intake.

Great CD, narrator has a soothing voice, relaxing music, buy it, it works."

S.Specht - Public Review - Amazon.co.uk - Audio CD - Solution: Insomnia

For - Simply Sleep 5* - "I have listened to a lot of hypnosis CDs made by the great in this field and this one is of a similarly high standard. What I personally really like is that Mr Wick isn't stretching his voice stupidly to sound hypnotic. The content is a couple of metaphors, or stories, strung together with some soothing music running in the background. There's no 'voodoo technology' applied here to deepen the relaxation like other authors do, yet the product is still amazingly effective. I am definitely sleeping more soundly now.

The quality of this product makes me curious to try more CDs from this author!"

JP - Chester Clinic - Fear of Flying - Solution: Phobias

"Alan made me feel welcome and relaxed as he took me through the process of the hypnotherapy and when I woke from this I felt refreshed and positive about my situation."

MS - Telephone Client - Nervous Driver - Solution: Performance

"Fast track solution given to life impacting situation which was tackled head on due to the support offered....treatment enabled me to fulfill my career aspirations with confidence. Thank you Alan."

RR - Nantwich Clinic - Nailbiting/preoccupation - Solution: Others

"I stopped biting my nails, and the long term effect has almost entirely been maintained."

PD - Wrexham Clinic - Public Speaking (Wedding) - Solution: Performance

"I had spent several months worrying over my wedding speech. However, after my first visit with Alan I felt much calmer and by the final visit I felt that I was prepared to deliver my speech (groom). Once I stood up on the day the initial nerves were quickly replaced with a calm confidence that allowed me to deliver the speech with a smile.

I can't thank Alan enough and will be visiting him again to help me with my smoking habit."

Gerry D - Public review Amazon.co.uk - MP3 - Solution: Performance

Pass Your DrivingTest 4* - "Have listened to this product regularly as I have my practical test beginning of June ('11). I was skeptical at first, but each night beofre I go to sleep I play it, and wake up during the night to find that I still have the earplugs in!

I think that it works on the subconscious, so it doesn't matter if you fall asleep whilst listening. I must admit I'm a bit of a 'worry wart' when it comes to tests, etc., but I can honestly say that this product has taken the edge off my nerves. I find myself repeating, 'I can and I will' whenever I think of the test.

I would recommend Pass Your Driving Test for anybody taking their practical driving test. I think along with professional lessons and a good dose of self esteem, it does help to boost your confidence and is definitely an aid to success!"

(I e mailed Gerry to reassure him that he was right, that it is OK to fall alseep while listening. I was too late, he'd already passed 1st time, aged 60! Well done Gerry!)

DV - Chester Clinic - Insomnia/Anxiety - Solution: Insomnia

"My sleeping pattern improved enormously. Now a few months after treatment ended, I sleep without any 'aids' and enjoy my sleep again. I read in bed for 10-15 minutes and then I sleep through the night.

The experience of hypnosis was not what I expected. I was surprised to feel 'aware' during it. What helped me most was that Alan restored my confidence in letting my mind and body take over what is an essentially natural function (sleep).

I recommended Alan to a friend......who also found the treatment very helpful."

Rosie - Public Review Amazon.co.uk - Audio CD - Solution: Insomnia

For 'Simply Sleep' 5* - I have had problems sleeping for years, I think nursing my late husband got me into the habit of not sleeping for more than a couple of hours at a time. I have tried a number of CDs and books over the years and this is by far the best. Alan's voice is so very relaxing and easy to listen to, and the background music is soothing. He doesn't say anything silly (as some others do). It puts me to sleep every night when I go to bed and I never hear the whole CD before falling asleep. Apparently it lasts around 30 minutes but I don't often get past the first 10!

At the moment I still wake in the night, although not every night now and, at Alan's suggestion, I play the tape when I wake in the night, only once has it failed to get me back to sleep and that night I was in pain and I really don't think anything would have helped. I have to say that I was very impressed when Alan took the time to e mail me with suggestions of how to get back to sleep after reading my feedback saying I was still waking in the night. It's not often you find customer care as good as that.

I know that this CD is helping me to sleep and that eventually I will sleep through the night as contentedly as the beautiful cat on the cover. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone whio is having trouble sleeping." 

GS - Wrexham Clinic - Fear of Driving/Anxiety - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"I was initially nervous as I did not know what to expect, but Alan soon put me at ease. I found him to be very comforting and reassuring. The hypnotherapy itself was really relaxing.

I thoroughly enjoyed each session and left each time feeling on top of the world, and ready to take on the world! I have found new confidence and assertiveness, and the positive affirmations have helped me to achieve this. Although it must be over a year since my last session I still use the CD he gave me on a regular basis.

My sleep pattern too has improved a lot, helping me to keep positive and function better through the day. I would highly recommend Alan and Positive Hypnotherapy."

LD - Oswestry Clinic - Preoccupation - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"I was allowed to express what was important to me. I was treated with respect and would be very happy to recommend Alan.

GP - Chester Clinic - Sports Performance/Anxiety - Solution: Performance

"I feel very much more confident with your help and have just returned from a family holiday in........where I was happy to join in all the activities, such as flying through the jungle rooftop on zip wires!!! Not bad for a Granny eh? I am also enjoying my...(sport)...again, thanks.

PS, I also went into a cage to play with 4 month old tiger cubs, and me, scared of a domestic cat."  

FL - Wrexham Clinic - Depression - Solution: Depression

“Having suffered from reactive depression for quite some time, I enquired with a mixture of hope and resignation, although I was encouraged from the outset by an extremely well worded and sympathetic advertisement. The response to my approach was equally sympathetic, tactful and respectful. I was therefore put very much at ease from the very beginning.....my trust was total, and I felt completely comfortable with my decision to engage in the therapy with Alan.

Curing depression is not as clear cut as, for example, stopping smoking, since with the latter the result is immediately visible, or not, as the case may be. Depression is more difficult to quantify and identify….in my case I can say that over the time I achieved  my aim, and I feel happy that the treatment was the main cause for my re-establishment to normality.

…..There came a time during my treatment when we both agreed that I had improved so much that I could carry on myself in the same direction. In a sense it was sad for me to end the active treatment, because I clearly derived great benefit from the sessions….Alan had quite clearly seen the enormous progress I had made over the time and he was the one who first suggested tailing it off and bring it to a close.

As far as Alan is concerned, I would probably run out of compliments and superlatives if I were to describe his abilities, his kindness and his capacity to reassure his patients. I would therefore have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to anyone….”

CB - Chester Clinic - Fear of Needles - Solution: Phobias

"Alan was very personable and there was never a feeling of unease. It helped me relax and not to stress as much over the impending blood test for the month prior....."

(Alan's note; This client goes on to decsribe an unhappy experience, which I have omitted out of respect. Suffice to say, she/he scores the overall benefit as 5 out of 10. Sometimes just coping [she/he had the blood tests] can be a victory. Some situations require more than one 'bite', and sometimes the best we can hope for is to cope, and thankfully CB did cope

Marc - Public Review Amazon.co.uk - Audio CD - Solution: Insomnia

For - 'Simply Sleep' - 5* - "I cannot remember the last time I had a good night's sleep. When I go to bed it's the usual routine of Restless Leg Syndrome, staring out of the window, staring at the wall or walking about the house from room to room through the night, until a sleep of sorts comes over me. I awake unrefreshed and as tired as I was the night before.

Last night for the first time in months,I fell asleep and slept right through the night ! I was awoken by my alarm clock,which had become almost redundant in recent times.This was fantastic ! and all thanks to Simply Sleep.

I ordered it on a Thursday and it arrived by the Saturday,two days later with a personal note of thanks from Alan. This was going to be a last resort before going to my Doctor to "demand" sleeping tablets as my bad sleeping pattern was not only affecting me,but also my partner.

I can remember switching the CD on,but I cannot remember it ending,though I had somehow removed my earphones. That was me until morning. 

Anyone who suffers from sleepless nights,will understand my joy at having even one good nights sleep. I highly recommend this C.D.

Alan has a comfortable and "Down to earth" voice which immediatley calms you down and mkaes you appreciate a comfortable bed.I was asleep before my Restless Leg "Kicked-In".That in itself was fantastic.

Many Thanks Alan.

ND - Nantwich Clinic - Anxiety/'Sensitive' Bladder - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"I am more than satisfied with my visits to see you. Although I really needed to come for longer (client moved during therapy, became too far to travel) the short time I saw you has helped me. Thank you very much Alan."

RB - Nantwich Clinic - Anxiety/Depression - Solution: Depression

"...as it (treatment) progressed, it became apparent that working with the treatment (so remaining positive and following instructions given) made me able to reap the benefits of therapy. I am satisfied, as I now feel more in control of my anxiety (or should I say my mind). However, my anxiety is only about not sleeping, and that hardly applies now. Thank you."

WM - Wrexham Clinic - Anger Management - Solution: Others

"Felt really comfortable when we met, and felt confident of getting better."

DB - Chester Clinic - IBS/Preoccupation - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"Very good rapport. I am grateful to you for your introduction to hypnotherapy.......Following your encouragement I am now.......(client indicates a return to work which is specific and may identify her/him)...I have passed your name to someone else.....Thank again." 

CM - Chester Clinic - Alcohol Moderation - Solution: Others

"The whole experience was positive, gentle and caring, thank you"

RB - Oswestry Clinic - Teenage Anxiety - Solution: Anxiety/Stress

"You were recommended, and I would recommend you......******* is now a more confident teenager, but lacks self esteem in some respects. He has realised that he has to help himself, and no medicine will do that" (Guardian's remarks)

CL Wrexham Clinic Fear of Flying - Solution: Phobias

"I had three sessions with Alan, and at the end my fear of flying was gone...I was more than happy with my treatment. Alan is lovely and made me feel very relaxed. I have told many people about his talent, and I know a few have been in touch. I didn't think I could be a happy flyer but thanks to Alan I was, and I'm going to Egypt next year." 

Information on Testimonials

For a long time, my professional body (National Council for Hypnotherapy) forbade the use of testimonial advertising. It was felt that testimonials are hard to verify and all too easy to make up. I supported this position. Now the NCH have changed this policy, to allow responsible use of testimonial advertising, and I consider it to be commercially necessary to use all advertising approaches that may be employed by my competitors.

All testimonials presented are genuine written testaments to my work, provided by ex clients, fully after completion of treatment, without pressure or obligation.

The authorised originals are available for scrutiny by any serious enquirer, bound by proper rules of confidentiality (eg. In evidence to defend my reputation, in the event of any complaint of dishonesty or fraudulence, via the complaints procedure/s of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Commission, or similar).

Testimonials are largely presented on this page as complete, other than where editing has proved necessary to enable clarity, or prevent identification of the individual (without altering meaning or context). Such editing is shown thus “...”.

Where abstracts of testimonials are presented elsewhere on this site, in an unattributed format, pains have been taken to maintain their true spirit and intent.

The originals of these testimonials are not available to individual enquirers, for reasons of confidentiality and practicality. I undertake to remove any testimonial that the originator requests be taken down, for whatever reason.

“I testify that all of the testimonials presented here are genuine.”  - Alan Wick

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"...by the final visit I felt that I was prepared to deliver my speech"

"I can honestly say that since. 2 weeks ago I haven’t smoked, craved. needed a cigarette!"

"I was more than happy with my treatment."

"I am satisfied, as now I feel more in control of my anxiety (or should I say my mind)."

""Tried hypnosis 5 times before, without success with various Hypnotherapists. Mr Wick was brilliant and I haven't smoked since....." "





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