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Are you struggling to get to a good night's sleep, being unable to sleep at all, waking in the 'dead of night' and finding yourself churning over all of your problems, or any combination of these? If so, you'll know that insomnia can be exhausting and debilitating.

Sleep, through our dreams, has a vital role to play in our constant adaptation to ongoing development and change in our lives, effectively processing the challenging, different, frustrating, stressful, aspects of our lives, allowing us to assimilate them and adapt to them.

Where insomnia exists, dreams become fragmented, excessively vivid and/or absent altogether, and we're left facing up to new change, whilst still dragging the remnants of old, unprocessed change along with us, not to mention the lack of physical restoration caused by insomnia.......something's got to give!

Insomnia can impact on our work and personal lives, and we become demotivated and disinterested in aspects of our lives that we used to really enjoy. Loved ones can bear the brunt of our fatigue as we become snappy due to frustration. Work performance suffers, anger can be close by, even away from the family, maybe when driving, and that opposite of temper, that hopeless tearfulness that comes at the end of your tether..... sound like you?

The good news is, that If you live in or near Chester, Wrexham, Oswestry corridor, you can come along for a free consultation with Alan the Hypnotherapist, and find out how quickly you can be experiencing improvements in your sleep pattern using Hypnotherapy. Sleep is an area where Alan experiences particularly high levels of success, and you can be sure you're in capable hands.  

Using your CD every night, sleep can be achieved naturally, and as the association between the Hypnotherapy CD and sleep grows, it just becomes stronger and stronger. Meanwhile you attend the live hypnotherapy sessions, and the combination of both get working to put you in a 'problem solving' frame of mind, allowing you to examine your life, consciously and unconsciously, enabling you to recognise where change is needed. and to go ahead and make those changes, allowing the stress to leave your life naturally. 

Your body and brain know how to go to sleep, and they are waiting patiently for you to simply stop trying, so that they can take over!  

Check out our Telephone Hypnotherapy page, maybe that sleepless night can be stopped at source, maybe there's a night when it's important for you to be sure you get off to sleep (before an exam, driving test, tough day at work). Why not register and try out a 'shortie' for just £10?

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