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Our range of hypnotherapy services are split into the following areas:

Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking sessions are a 'One Stop Shop' in Chester, Wrexham, Oswestry, lasting 2 hours. Provided that you have made your mind up that you really want to stop smoking, then you will smoke your last cigarette (or cigar, or pipe) before the session, and leave as a non-smoker. 

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Weight Loss
Positive Hypnotherapy recognises that clients presenting for assistance in their weight loss programme are highly varied in their needs and expectations. From bariatric weight loss clients, to those who have a few pounds to shed to make it onto the beach in time for their holidays, there are weight loss packages to suit your plans and pocket.

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Anxiety & Stress
Anxiety and stress account for much of the hypnotherapist's trade, and anxiety and stress can lead clients into many unhappy situations, such as panic attacks, anger (especially with loved ones), frustration, depression, troublesome and even obsessive behaviour patterns, or just simply difficulty in relaxing.

Anxiety and stress can also be responsible for physical symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), dermatitis, stammering, or muscular tension, to name but a few.

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There simply is no quick fix, but there are more permanent, side effect free, and wholly more agreeable routes to beat depression, than taking sedatives* or anti-depressants*, and modern Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is at the forefront. If you experience depression, whether you're on anti depressants or not, and live in or near the Chester, Wrexham, Oswestry corridor, why not ring for a free consultation  

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If you have a phobia about something, like a fear of flying, your  body's basic life saving mechanisms (ironically known as the the 'fight or flight' response) come into full operation and it is impossible to hide your reactions from people around you. The more times that you experience a phobic response, the stronger the response gets, and the more sensitive it's potential for being triggered again. It sounds like an impossible situation.

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Pain Control
Pain can be acute (of sudden onset, possibly fully removable upon treatment of the cause) or pain can be chronic (the symptom of unresolved/unresolvable damage), and at it's outset, pain can convey a vital message to our conscious mind that there is a situation that requires attention.

When that situation has been attended to, and is fully known about, the pain signal has past it's usefulness, but may nevertheless remain present. If you live in or near the South Manchester/Wilmslow, Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, Wrexham, or Oswestry , and you experience chronic, unrelieved pain, or you know somebody who does, then do read on.  

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Are you struggling to get to a good night's sleep, being unable to sleep at all, waking in the 'dead of night' and finding yourself churning over all of your problems, or any combination of these? If so, you'll know that insomnia can be exhausting and debilitating.

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We've all heard about the brilliant student who falls apart at exam time, or the footballer who throws it all away when they lose their temper on the pitch, and the truth about needing to put on a performance is that it affects us all, in job interviews, exams, on the sports field, on stage (in the wings!), in aspects of our work, in our social lives, and even, quite commonly, in the 'bedroom'.

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Conception, Relaxed Pregnancy and Birth
Healthy women trying for a baby may have reduced chances of becoming pregnant in any month if they are stressed, the results of a study by researchers at Oxford University and the US National Institutes of Health suggest.

The work provides evidence for the first time of an association between high levels of a biological marker for stress and reduced chances of a woman conceiving during the fertile days of her monthly cycle. The study, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, suggests that some couples wanting to become pregnant may benefit from relaxation techniques.

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There is so much more that Hypnotherapy treatments can either fully alleviate, or at least relieve, that it is impossible to cover each area on it's own page. Look through the alphabetical list below, some of the items are clearly linked to aspects of those areas which are covered by a whole page, others are areas in their own right.

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"Alan had quite clearly seen the enormous progress I had made over the time and he was the one who first suggested tailing it off and bring it to a close."

"Confidence came with my new look and compliments came in abundance"





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