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Depression is at epidemic levels in the UK, which is surprising given that we also have amongst the highest usages of anti depressants, surely we should all be better?

There simply is no quick fix, but there are more permanent, side effect free, and wholly more agreeable routes to beat depression, than taking sedatives* or anti-depressants*, and modern Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is at the forefront. If you experience depression, whether you're on anti depressants or not, and live in or near the Chester, Wrexham, Oswestry corridor, why not ring for a free consultation  

At Positive Hypnotherapy we believe that everybody arrives with the resources already within them to stop depression worsening and, with the help and guidance of a hypnotherapist,  to turn it around. Using the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy model of working, we can help you to find your own way, and your way is the best for you.

Positive Hypnotherapy treats you as the expert on you, and as you start to respond to the combination of techniques used, you can begin to relax, becoming more in control of your life, and simply recognise for yourself what needs to be done to enable you to start living your life happily again.

No turning over past unhappiness, looking for reasons, no reliving miserable memories, in fact the complete opposite! We take you as you are, and move forward towards a happier future. We want to put that smile back on your face.  

If you live in or near or near the Chester, Wrexham, Oswestry corridor, why not call to book a consultation with our hypnotherapist, you'll be glad that you did! 

*Any changes to your medication regime should be carried out in consultation with your GP and/or mental health team.

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