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‘High Stress Levels May Delay Women Getting Pregnant’, ScienceDaily (Aug. 17, 2010)                                    

“Healthy women trying for a baby may have reduced chances of becoming pregnant in any month if they are stressed, the results of a study by researchers at Oxford University and the US National Institutes of Health suggest.

The work provides evidence for the first time of an association between high levels of a biological marker for stress and reduced chances of a woman conceiving during the fertile days of her monthly cycle. The study, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, suggests that some couples wanting to become pregnant may benefit from relaxation techniques…..”

At last, the first empirical evidence demonstrating the benefits of relaxation to the likelihood of conception is starting to emerge (above), and whilst relaxation won’t unblock fallopian tubes or change the shape of sperm, for people who are as sure as they reasonably can be that there is no other inhibiting factor to conception, or who are seeking conception through fertility programmes, relaxation exercises have long been viewed as simple common sense.

It is understood, that a body that isn't relaxed, ie one that is stressed, is preparing to respond to danger, and when we prepare for danger our bloodstreams are diverted towards our heart, lungs, and voluntary muscles, ie, away from the ovaries, uterus and testes. To psychologically and physically (in essence the same things) feel that we are in a safe environment encourages flow towards those vital areas for conception, and never moreso than within relaxed, unhurried lovemaking and care taking. 

Attending sessions of live, conception focused relaxation therapy, as a couple* or individually, can provide a fantastically effective and enjoyable means to relax, and focus on your desired conception. Combine this with the relaxation exercises, self hypnosis techniques, and gentle unintrusive massage techniques that you will be taught, used regularly inbetween the sessions themselves, and you can create a whole new mindset, one that says 'we're ready'! 

Typically a course would run for 4 sessions of one or two hours, (with weekly, or bigger, gaps inbetween), or could be tailored (on into pregnancy, maybe even merging into your own hypnobirthing plans, which would typically begin at 20 weeks) to suit your requirements.

This kind of therapy represents a very straightforward proposition in hypnotherapy terms, and would not normally require an initial consultation beyond a chat on the phone. Only if you indicated that there were significant anxiety problems, might I suggest an initial factfinding session.  

This is a lovely gentle course that would enrich your life, even if you weren't looking for anything more than bonding or relaxation skills, but given your desire to start or grow your family, it could just represent the icing on the cake of your efforts!  

*Standard hourly rate applies, and remains the same for couples or single attendees. Same sex couples actively welcomed.

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