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Have you heard of orthorexia? If you haven’t then you soon will as this is the medical term for someone who eats only healthy foods - only to the point where they take it to dangerous levels.

This is an extreme condition but weight loss is something that can easily become an obsession which can damage self esteem and lead to depression. But there is a readily available solution if you are concerned to lose weight which doesn’t involve dangerous diets and over exercising, that solution is hypnotherapy. Here are 5 ways hypnosis can help you lose weight the easy way…

1. Hypnosis can improve your self image

Hypnosis can improve your self-image. Poor self-image can often exacerbate problems such as weight gain. Hypnosis will help you build a more positive self image so that you don’t get trapped in a cycle of yo-yo dieting.   

2. It will help you beat cravings

If you are on a calorie restricted diet all those cravings will simply disappear, the weight will fall off as a result  and your new eating habits should stay with you for life rather than just being temporary.

3. Hypnosis will help bring emotions under control, particularly anger, grief, anxiety and fear

Control of these emotions can be the key to stopping you reach for the comfort foods that will begin to put on those extra inches. Hypnosis will help you remain calm and relaxed which will also have obvious benefits in your life besides weight loss.

4. Hypnosis will re-focus your attention

Dieting and weight loss as we often see in the media can become an obsession. All your thoughts can begin to revolve around losing weight instead of the more positive emotions of reaching your individual goals.

5. Imagine a slimmer you

Traditional weight loss methods lack the means to help you visualise yourself. Imagining yourself turning heads in the street or being complimented for your new slimmer look can begin to instantly make you feel good about yourself which will in turn give you encouragement to achieve your weigh loss goals from the outset. 

If you are anxious about visiting a hypnotherapist in the first instance why no try our selection of self help hypnosis CDs available to but online today!

Monday, March 21, 2011

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