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The approach of New Year can be a time for reflection, and with redundancies in the air, more people than usual are looking for new beginnings.

In 2006 I saw my business go into receivership, and I too was at an uncertain crossroads, until my wife showed me a ‘career profile’ of a Clinical Hypnotherapist in The Guardian. She figured it was right up my street, and I had a background in nursing, so it did seem logical (although the nursing really didn’t matter in the end).

I enrolled at The Clifton Practice in Bristol (they were properly accredited with external verifiers, and gave me an instinctively good feel, so I sensed it would be worth the travelling), and several months later embarked on a 10 month voyage of discovery that upturned my view of what Hypnotherapy actually was, allowed it to make sense to me, and on qualification in 2007, allowed me to feel fully prepared to embark on a career which I still enjoy, 6 years later.

That career has in some ways just come full circle, and from March 2013 I will be teaching, alongside David Newton of Clifton Practice, the very same qualification that started me off, at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).

The HPD or Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, externally verified (in this case by NCFE), is widely regarded as the entry point to the profession, and Clifton Practice has an arguably unbeaten record in delivering this qualification (established for over 16 years) in a way that allows people to ’hit the ground running’, with high levels of graduates remaining in practice after their first year. NCFE described CPs student portfolios as setting the ‘gold standard’ so, when you want the best…..

If the New Year really is going to herald a new career for you, and you would like to pop along to the Sleep Clinic to discuss the possibility of joining us for the inaugural Manchester course, then contact me, Alan Wick, on 01978 781 606 / 0161 820 8135, or e mail at alanwick@cpht.co.uk and just maybe, by Christmas 2013, you’ll be embarking on your own exciting adventure.     

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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