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Alan Alan Wick gained his diploma at the renowned Clifton Practice in Bristol. He trained in a style of hypnotherapy called Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH), and believes that a positive, forward looking approach to treatment is the most effective way to help people back to happy, productive lives. He says;

"......effective therapy requires a partnership between client and therapist, and every client I meet already has the resources they need to get better......this is a method of therapy that is absolutely enjoyable, it will put a smile on your face!"

Alan's background is in general nursing. He has a wife and two young sons. He was a nurse for over 20 years, mainly as a Senior Charge Nurse for BUPA, and as a Director of a Nursing and Care Agency, and then, most recently, nursing young, neurologically impaired adults. He now works as a full time hypnotherapist.

This experience gives Alan a broad base of knowledge and understanding, and a wealth of experience that he brings to each encounter with his clients. He believes that his own broad life experience can be useful in helping others to overcome their problems. Experience brings empathy and understanding;

"......I smoked for 25 years, stopping 11 years ago, and I am only too aware of the difficulties people have in stopping smoking cigarettes, and of the importance to their quality of life...I've seen a business go into liquidation, and I've fought my own battles with weight, so I can empathise with much that my clients will present with..."

Alan is a very 'down to earth', ordinary person, and is well aware of what people's expectations can be when approaching practitioners of so called 'alternative therapies'. He believes that hypnotherapy has had a particularly bad press, mainly because of perceptions of public performers. His subscription to the National Council for Hypnotherapy's (NCH) Code of Ethics, specifically excludes him from carrying out hypnosis performances for entertainment, as well as binding him to a whole other raft of measures intended to protect the public, and he feels this should act as a reassurance to potential clients;

".....I would recommend anyone choosing a hypnotherapist, to avoid those who are not members of a strong, professional, regulatory body. I would personally look at least for membership of the CNHC and NCH...." 

Alan believes that a lot of people isolate themselves when they feel unwell or stressed, not realising just how ordinary their reactions are. He believes that realisation of how common nearly all of the problems he sees really are, can be the first step towards recovery. From exam nerves to obsessive compulsions, they are all normal responses to the clients' circumstances, and often simply understanding this, and the cause/s of their responses, is sufficient to set people on the road to recovery, before hypnosis even starts! Alan says;

"......every client that sees me gets acceptance and a smile as standard, and from there we move on. If I could send out just one message to people struggling with aspects of their lives, from stopping smoking, to weight control, to depression and anxiety, it is this; 'there are a lot of other people in just your position, you're perfectly normal, in fact, you're in good company!'......"

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