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Anxiety and stress account for much of the hypnotherapist's trade, and anxiety and stress can lead clients into many unhappy situations, such as panic attacks, anger (especially with loved ones), frustration, depression, troublesome and even obsessive behaviour patterns, or just simply difficulty in relaxing.

Anxiety and stress can also be responsible for physical symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), dermatitis, stammering, or muscular tension, to name but a few.

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy we work with you to create a new focus for your mind. To enable you to move your attention away from negative aspects of your life, and onto positive ones, from what you don't want, to what you do want. We do this because we know that dwelling on negativity, whether repeatedly thinking unhappily about past events, or worrying about upcoming events, actually disables you from living in the present, and when you don't function in the present, then things really are going to go wrong in the future.

In between deeply relaxing hypnotherapy sessions, you can learn how control your stress responses and anxiety, to stop panic attacks, stop negative, worried thinking, and just get on with your life, and almost look on, as your unconscious mind leads you to gradually stop your unwanted behaviour patterns. You can start to feel comfortable again as your symptoms clear up leaving you feeling healthy, calm and in control.

The hypnotherapy sessions will spread out until they are a whole month apart, and gradually you become confident that the changes bringing about the new, calm, confident you, free of panic attacks, anxiety or stress, who copes with life so much better, and who is confident that the changes are actually coming from within you, and then therapy can stop, leaving you newly resourceful and calm.

What's more, the skills you learn in hypnotherapy never go away. Once you have learned how to exercise control, and replace anxiety and stress with calmness, the ability just goes on reinforcing itself, and the memory of how bad things were, when you were thinking in your old ways, is enough to prevent any movement back to old habits.

Relaxation and calm confidence may seem like distant memories to you, if ever they were there at all, when you are prone to anxiety and stress, but no matter how 'entrenched' your negative feelings seem to you, we can see real improvements within just a few sessions of hypnotherapy, and then build on that until you're functioning at your best again, at which point we can part ways, by mutual agreement.

For some people, stress and anxiety have strong associations with past traumatic events; bereavement, violence suffered, rape or sexual abuse, bullying or harassment, experience of war or terrorist acts, and much else. There are differing opinions within the therapy community about best approach for traumatised clients (PTSD), and that is a debate for elsewhere, but we can at least advise that in this kind of hypnotherapy there is no prolonged attention paid to these events, and in fact, hypnotherapy can go forward without the therapist's knowledge of any past events of this nature, which means you can come along and explain your symptoms, and we can just move on without you ever having to tell us what you believe causes your anxiety or panic attacks.

The chances are that we can do more if we do know, but even then there will be no need to dwell, no need for 'facing up' to the past, which we believe simply makes you miserable, which runs absolutely counter to our whole therapeutic approach. We hope that your therapeutic relationship will be strong enough to create a trusting bond, and if that is so, and if you feel that it won't be too painful, then you can share your past traumas. It won't be encouraged.

We will treat your memories with respect, and if there are any particularly troublesome ones, then there are techniques that can help the memories to convert into more ordinary recollections, rather than the highly emotionally charged memories that can cause such unhappiness.

If you live in or near South Manchester/Wilmslow, Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, Wrexham, or Oswestry , and you want to be treated with real empathy and respect, in a positive and optimistic atmosphere, then call Alan for a chat, you'll be glad you did.

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