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Do you want to stop smoking?
Do you want to lose weight?
Do you want to be able to simply sleep at night?
Do you want to stop worrying and feel in control?
Do you want to lift depression and just feel happy again?
Do you want to improve your performance, at sport, on stage, in work, at home?
Do you want to stop feeling scared of flying, spiders, needles, anything?
Do you want to exercise control over troublesome or compulsive behaviour?
Do you want to stop/take control of drinking, gambling or drug use? 
Do you want to improve your chances of conception?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy ideally placed for the Chester, Wrexham, and Oswestry corridor

You're in the right place with Hypnotherapy, and increasing numbers of people are voting with their feet, as we begin to realise that Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy techniques, and talking therapies in general, offer not just a valid alternative to medical approaches, but very possibly the best quality approach for many of the problems that our busy modern lives present us with.

Modern, Solution Focused methods of Hypnotherapy are also breaking to the fore, and the need for an evidence base to support therapeutic practice, recognition of clients own strengths and capabilities, and respect of clients' individuality and expertise in the matter of their own lives, are the cornerstones of the modern Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.


In Wrexham the clinic is held in a very comfortable, private, purpose built office. Wrexham's Hypnotherapy clinics are mostly on a Thursday evening, though efforts can be made outside of those hours, so always ring to ask...view map and contact information

Chester & Wirral

For Chester and Wirral, the Hypnotherapy clinics are held in the superb and comfortable surroundings of Advance Counselling and Therapy, Weston Grove, Chester. Chester clinics are Friday days/evenings, but there is scope for overflow, at certain times of the year. If you live in or near Chester and cannot manage these times, then do ask! Please note that these premises are just 2 minutes off the M53, and ideally situated for South Wirral...view map and contact information


Oswestry's Positive Hypnotherapy clinics are held by Fiona Robinson HPD DHP, at various times of the week, right in the heart of town, at the premises of Multi Therapy Clinic Time for You. The Time for You premises are surprisingly peaceful, and ideally placed for a coffee or hot chocolate in one of Oswestry's many cafes or coffee shops afterwards...view map and contact information


Weaver House, the renowned multi-therapy clinic at 126, Hospital Street, is where Positive Hypnotherapy's Nantwich clinics are held. Comfortable, highly professional and close to the centre of town, the Weaver House Hypnotherapy clinics are held on Wednesday afternoon and evenings...view map and contact information

If you live in or near South Manchester/Wilmslow, Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, Wrexham, or Oswestry , South Wirral, or in, or near, Nantwich, then whatever your problem, little or large, common or rare (and few really are), and however isolated you may have come to feel, you'll find that things are never as bad as they can seem, and you'll discover that there's a very agreeable and cheerful way of working your way through them with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, at Positive Hypnotherapy.

In fact, you'll find you're in very good company!

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"It was helpful from session number one, and remains relevant to me today."

"I didn’t think I could be a happy flyer but thanks to Alan I was, and I’m going to Egypt next year."

""I'd definitely recommend Alan Wick to other people. I enjoyed seeing him, he is very calming."CE"

"...the initial nerves were quickly replaced with a calm confidence that alowed me to deliver the speech with a smile"

"Made it safe and sound (Ibiza) No problems. Having a great time. Thanks for your help and best wishes."





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